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Headwear for Businesses

InCAPS was founded to supply a higher level of headwear, at reasonable pricing, to businesses. With large numbers of entities requiring hats for marketing, uniforms and retail supply, InCAPS is committed to providing a premium product regardless of its application.

We firmly believe in delivering on four pillars of our business:


Premium components

Made from the best available supply

Full Customisation

We customise every detail of your order to your needs, not ours

Affordable Pricing Structure

Prices designed to help you wear better headwear

Strong partnerships

We want to work with the best, and help you achieve your goals


InCAPS Features

Premium Quality Components

InCAPs utilises only the finest components to complete both sampling and complete orders. This approach, combined with fastidious attention to detail, ensures your products are positioned at the top of the market.

A range of materials are available to complete your hat – from a premium cotton, the InCAPS recommended fabric, through to linen, organic cotton and even hemp extract.

With overseas production, quality can be compromised. InCAPs have protections in place to prevent this, including representatives on the ground, inspecting all product prior to packing. The factories InCAPs headwear is produced out of, is of the highest regard and their output is in the top echelon of headwear manufacturers.

Ultimately, InCAPS promise to all customers is to provide them with market leading finishes on a premium cap structure – resulting in the perfect cap or hat for their business, club, charity or other entity.

Fully Customisable

InCAPs products are fully customisable, from the fabric, to the logo placement, mixed with every colour on the Pantone colour charts.

Material available includes:

  • InCAPs premium cotton

  • Lightweight Cotton

  • 100% Organic Cotton

  • 80/20 Linen & Hemp

  • Sports Mesh

Logo placement is available on any peak and in almost any capacity. Because InCAPs embroidery is completed before the cap is built, all embroidery is is able to be placed on flat material, meaning size and design flexibility is increased. Not only is there unlimited scope with regard to the position and size of logos, InCAPs also offers different options for application with access to standard embroidery, 3D embroidery, patches and plastic appliques.

Another key difference between InCAPs and our competitors is that we don’t charge per cap and then add costs relating to customisation – the price for the cap includes full customisation, meaning it is completely up to you how your cap looks.

Affordable pricing structure

As we mentioned above, the price is the price. There’s no extra charges for extra logos, no fabric upgrades to increase your spend, no artwork, setup or sample fees. We will offer you what we believe is a fair price, and then work with you to make sure you get the perfect hat, regardless of its purpose. The cheap and nasty promo hat is gone – welcome to InCAPs.

Strong Partnerships

This is important to us. We want to work with you. Your referral, or simply people recognising our product in your business is important to us. In order to achieve this, we need to work with you to ensure you receive exactly what you need.

Conversely, if you are unsure of the best design, let us propose ideas for you. We have seen it all in hats and will be able to only develop a great design, but may have a few ideas on engagement strategies, retail offers or simple fundraising techniques around your headwear.



InCAPs was formed on the back of successful sourcing and promotional goods companies. As the founders of InCAPs promotional businesses found headwear to be a bigger and bigger part of their business, research was completed regarding premium cap supply and methods to embroider multiple logos, in a cost effective manner.

It was discovered that few factories exist that can deliver the quality of product that InCAPs needed. Finding the few factories that could produce this was a time consuming exercise but ultimately a fruitful one, leading to the creation of InCAPs.

With product supply under control, the next steps were to focus on how we wanted to deliver our product and what mattered to us. Consulting with industry experts and corporate heads experienced in purchasing headwear, we can to the conclusion that cap pricing was extreme in Australia, and with subsequent investigation, New Zealand and South Africa displayed the same trends. It was identified that there was a gap in the market for high quality product at promotional product pricing. People were too happy to sacrifice quality, for the sake of getting cheap hats – a combination that is unsuccessful, because people don’t wear poor quality hats.

Starting with offers to existing customers, InCAPs has grown to provide full headwear ranges to all types of businesses, across New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

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The InCAPs factory is located in Shenzen, China. The factory can produce 150,000 units per day, an amazing feat, considering the quality of product produced. The factory has stringent quality control guidelines and a separate entity for producing sample headwear. Combined with InCAPs contracted agents on the ground, InCAPs products are sure to meet your standards.

The InCAPs factory is also certified in a number of areas including:

  • WRAP – Worldwide Responsible Accredited Program

  • Fair Labour Association

  • Confidence in Textiles

  • Oeko-Tex

  • CQC – China Quality Certification



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