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HOW do we order?

Orders can be made by contacting InCAPs using the contact form available throughout this website and at the bottom of this page. Our sales team will then be in contact to discuss your needs and set the wheels in motion to develop your InCAPs designs

What’s the minimum order amount?

Orders begin from 250 units. This number is per design/colour, meaning that to have 2 colours or designs, you will order a total of 500 units. InCAPs can deliver orders of any quanity above this, with no order being too large for our factory to handle. With capacity of 150,000 units daily, InCAPs can provide the solution you need.

Which countries do you ship to?

InCAPs can ship anywhere in world and have fulfilled orders in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, Canada, Macau, Singapore and India.

Where is Headwear Produced?

Headwear is produced from our factory in China, however some components may be sourced from other parts pf Asia. Occasionally embroidery will b completed locally if needed. Whilst some may raise concerns over quality due to the location of production, InCAPs can provide a quality assurance for their products and has the appropriate controls in place to ensure quality is of the highest standard.

How Long Does it Take to produce an order?

The usual production timeline is 4-5 weeks long.

Samples will take 10-18 days to produce.

Artwork will generally be completed in 72 hours.

How are orders delivered?

Orders are shipped directly to you, taking approximately 5 weeks to reach you, after production has been completed. InCAPs will discuss with you options to receive a percentage of the order one week after production, in order to keep you going until the remainder of the order arrives.

Is it possible to receive orders quicker?

InCAPs will endeavour to produce and ship your order as fast as possible however good things take time. Product quality is of the utmost importance to us and we do not want to jeopardize this process. 

In the case of urgent delivery being required, this can be discussed with your sales manager. 

Do we receive a sample prior to order being placed?

Sampling will be completed by InCAPs prior to production starting.

Do we need to provide artwork?

InCAPs will only require logos from you and will complete artwork on your behalf. 

InCAPs design team are always happy to have your input however, so if you have specific ideas, please let us know. 

What payment terms do you offer?

InCAPs will require 60% up front, once artwork and design is finalised. The remaining 40% will be required once production is complete and delivery is pending.

How does InCAPS pricing work?

InCAPS have committed to providing competitive pricing at all times. They will never upsell you customisation or fabric options - you can choose any options to be included in your initial quoted price.

We want to make the cap you dream of - not one that cuts back on key features. 

DO you provide any other products?

In short - No. However InCAPS works closely with Re:Sourced Direct, who can provide you with accompanying accessories or promtional materials shold you need them.

Re:Sourced Direct can be contacted at: 



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