Product Ranges and Uses

At InCAPS we pride ourselves on flexibility and customisation - meaning our hats will work in whatever application they are needed, however you want them to look. In the page below a full range of uses and styles are listed. Scroll down to find what you are looking for and begin our path to developing the perfect hat for your needs.

Golf Range


Designed by Golfers, for Golfers

The InCaps Golf Range has been specifically tailored to the golfers needs, allowing retailers peace of mind, knowing they are stocking a hat their customers will love. Featuring the Comfit system, a range of customisation options and premium embroidery, your golf club needs to stock the InCaps golf range today.

Sports Clubs


Show Your Colours in Style

The InCAPs Sports Range is perfect for sports clubs, gymnasiums and supporters groups, looking to show their allegiance or discuss their loyalties. Available in any colour, with multiple brand placements, the sports range presents value and quality wherever it is worn.


Hotels Range.png

Perfect Fit - On and Off the Water

Designed to keep you comfortable, on and off the water, the InCaps Marine Range is available to order for your club, crew or team. The Marine Range can be tailored to your needs with Club logo, pendant, coordinates or any other information embroidered to your headwear.

Tourism, Events, Hospitality & Retail

Tourism Hospital Events and Retail Range

Show Off Your Brand or Experience

Showcasing your brand can be important for various businesses associated with tourism and hospitality. Whether it be guests or clients, you want to be proud to say they came, they saw or conquered the attraction or experience you offer. What better giveaway than a fantastic looking hat – with your logo – for them to walk around town in, showing off what you have to offer.

Corporate Branding & Uniforms

Corporate 4.png

Match Your Promotional Product to Your Brand Standards

Corporate giveaways can be difficult – you need something that shows your business off, but also has longevity and practical application in the receivers life. A premium quality hat, fully customised at an affordable price, is the perfect option. Give a gift that people will want, and be seen in over and over again.


Charity Range 4b.png

We Want to Help

Charity exposure can be shown perfectly through a range of headwear – often sponsored by supporters – or purchased for fundraising. InCAPS will help you design and attractive piece of headwear, whilst also ensuring you raise awareness for you cause. Speak to us how we can help your efforts – we are always interested in getting involved.


Education Range 4.png

Achieve Excellence

Whether it be for uniform, sports practice or Old Boys cheering on from the sidelines, InCAPs can provide a range of school based products – both practical and stylish. As children become adults and university beckons, InCAPs can move with this generation to help with university support, club and society branding

Cars, Boats, Campers and more

Automotive Range 4.png

Driving Your Brand Awareness Campaigns

Whether it be showcasing the latest product launch, thanking your customers or simply increasing awareness of your brand, InCAPs has an affordable, stylish solution for you. Making sure your brand is presented in the best possible way, InCAPs is perfect for your needs.